Applying the EZYiD system will exponentially change the way you audit your very small or large assets. EZYiD assists companies who have tracking compliance issues. Reduce human auditing fatigue and increase your teams overall productivity.

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Your need for speed and accuracy of inspection reporting is achieved by EZYiD

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Retro fitting the EZYiD tags to your very small assets will help your auditing and tracking requirements.

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From tagging PFD type 1s for vessel to vessel transfers to fire extinguishers to tools and PPE recording, EZYiD is the total system.

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RFID tagging of tools, ropes, anchor points, tracking inspections and more, is all easier with EZYiD.

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Tracking equipment inspections and ownership all easily integrates into your current auditing software.

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EZYiD is an industrial strength, power packed, micro-chipped tag that exponentially reduces audit and tracking times for small and large assets.

Why do we believe EZYiD is different to other radio frequency identification tags?

EZYiD offers a unique difference in that the tag size is only 6.2mm in diameter. Can you imagine how this has revolutionised application opportunities? The tags can be manufactured into products or retro fitted using industrial strength adhesive. Applying EZYiD to assets, or even structures, is only limited by your imagination.



The painful task of auditing your assets absorbs many human hours that can influence accurate data entry. Errors can have a devastating effect on your people and assets.
EZYiD is revolutionising how companies use work hours more effectively to audit their assets.
Would you like more productivity from your workforce? It’s a no brainer!

  • Makes identifying assets easy
  • Time saving
  • Reduces human error
  • Flexible with your existing audit software
  • Portable system
  • Customised to your application needs
  • Revolutionises asset management
  • EZYiD tag, ties and stickers can be applied manually to any product or structure
  • Improves productivity


The application of EZYiD radio frequency identification into commercial, industrial, defence, working at heights, mining and gas has been the focus. However, customers hearing about the tag size have opened up opportunities that see EZYiD surpassing our growth expectation in the first year.