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What is EZYiD?

EZYiD is a complete asset management system, leveraging RFID technology designed for industrial use. EZYiD’s tags stand out in the market for their size, flexibility and resilience. At just 6mm in diameter, the tags can be manufactured into products such as working-at-heights equipment, or retrofitted using an industrial strength adhesive. Apply EZYiD radio frequency identification tags to hardware, consumables, and anything that requires compliance standards to be met.

Why choose EZYiD?

Get more from your workforce. EZYiD takes the tedium out of asset management, making it as simple as the push of a button.

  • Save time
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce human error
  • Simple, fast, complete system
  • Improve safety and compliance
  • Easy, fast asset identification
  • Flexible with existing audit software
  • Portable reader system
  • Cloud-based asset management
  • Customisable to your needs
  • Available as tags, ties, stickers and manufactured products

Who Uses EZYiD?

RFID has revolutionised businesses in all sectors, and EZYiD has made the technology available at a fraction of the price. Resources, commercial, industrial, defence, working at heights, mining and gas are some of our largest customers - but many more industries are seeing the benefits of our low-cost asset management system.

The complete height-tech auditing system.

EZYiD Tags

Your smallest big asset. EZYiD Tags are robust and economical and have been designed to be applied to almost any hard surface such as steel, aluminium or plastic (using EZYiD’s recommended adhesive). At only 6mm in diameter and under 2mm deep, properly applied EZYiD tags prevent any operational interference.

EZYiD Cable Ties

Apply fast for steadfast results. EZYiD Cable Ties are just the ticket for asset management of items that are difficult to fit a tag or sticker. Apply to soft goods such as harnesses and slings, or odd-shaped equipment such as power cords and toolboxes.

EZYiD Stickers

Stick, set and never forget. EZYiD Stickers are ideal for fitting to plastic or fibre objects including helmets and rope. Use a fast and easy glued heat shrink method to attach EZYiD Stickers for RFID implementation on otherwise difficult to audit equipment.

EZYiD Hybrid Tags

Unlimited use. Unlimited ease. Our hybrid tags can be screwed, nailed, glued or attached using a steel cable-tie to almost any asset. Tag fire extinguishers, scaffolding, tools, vehicles or any other asset that needs a heavy-duty identifier.

EZYiD-Ready Products

Take advantage of EZYiD factory-integrated products for increased functionality and efficiency. Manufactured utilising custom-designed RFID tag application, all our industry-specific products are factory tested and certified to industry standards.

EZYiD Asset Management System

The simple, single source of truth of compliance. Store your entire asset inventory information in our cloud-based asset management system. Contact EZYiD for more information on this service.

Make your life EZY

The EZYiD Asset Management System

The simple, single source of truth for compliance.

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We Serve Multiple Industries

4Asset 121

Green Energy

EZYiD is being used on wind turbines to identify active anchor points, access ladders, inspection ridges, entry and exit points. Apply tags to any safety equipment required to access turbines

4Asset 221


EZYiD allows GEO based drillers and surveyors to ID in remote locations with no Wi-Fi or 4G signal. EZYiD can also be used in automating grid-style NDT allocation.

4Asset 521


Tag equipment, armory inventory, fire extinguishers, defibrillators, remote medical kits, first aid kits and portable UHF/VHF radios. Track PPE, record where it ends up and rate of use/disposal

4Asset 121

Height Access

Identify active anchor points. Tag tools to help distinguish ownership. Identify assets in mixed-work environments, where companies are sharing equipment.

4Asset 121

Oil & Gas

Retrofitting EZYiD tags to any asset allows for fast, accurate RFiD auditing and usage history. Meet your targets for speed and accuracy of inspection reporting with EZYiD.

4Asset 121


Record the inspection of climbing rigging and equipment, who inspected the item and where the item has been in the past

EZYiD In Action

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Our UHF RFID Reader

Portable and powerful

The EZYiD Reader/Writer works across all auditing software platforms. The key-fob sized UHF device is capable of reading any EZYiD product, transmitting stored data to your auditing software with one-touch automation.

Connect to any Bluetooth ® device

This “plug and play”, easy-to-use device allows the reading and transmission of EZYiD tag data to any Bluetooth® enabled PC, Laptop or mobile device.

EZYiD Reader/Writer is available in ETSI (Europe), FCC (USA) or AMCA (Australian) frequency configurations.

EZYiD Reader Specifications

  • Operating System Compatibility: iOS, Android, RIM, Windows Mobile/Phone, Windows, OSX, Linux
  • Interfaces: USB and Bluetooth Class 2
  • Battery: Li-Poly Battery 3.7Vdc 300mAh, up to 10,000 readings with full charge.
  • Power Supply: USB powered 5Vdc
  • One-function key for RFID reading and transmission
  • Multi-tone audio to confirm signal read and transmission
  • 2 LED markers for device signalling
  • Working Temp: -20 degrees C / 70 degrees C
  • Dimensions: Length 9.5 cm – Width 4.4 cm – Depth 1.8cm
  • Weight: 30 gram
  • Protection: IP54